Hand Dipping Water Soluble Paper Into Pool of Water

Water-soluble paper is at the core of everything we do at SmartSolve. This completely dispersible paper product has a wide range of uses across a diverse spectrum of businesses and industries. SmartSolve’s versatile dissolving paper helps organizations from a variety of markets reach their sustainability goals effortlessly.

Read on to learn some of the secrets behind this disappearing paper and ways dissolvable paper can benefit your business.


Water-soluble paper is an advanced paper technology that can dissolve quickly in water, or biodegrade more slowly in a moist environment. Dispersion can occur in 30 seconds or less with a large amount of water and agitation, or it can be slowed by controlling the amount of moisture in the environment. SmartSolve’s dissolvable paper is printable and available in a variety of sizes to fit businesses’ needs.


SmartSolve’s dissolving paper is made from a paper-based material that’s largely composed of cellulose, a very finely-ground wood pulp sourced from FSC-certified forests, and other compostable ingredients. During manufacturing, a locking mechanism forms between each individual fiber. When exposed to water, the locking mechanisms release, allowing the tiny fibers to separate and biodegrade.


Water-soluble paper can be used the same as any other paper product – just with the added benefit of solubility. Popular uses for this product include:

  • Hang tags and labeling that will dissolve without any adhesive residue leftover.

  • Container labeling, with the ability to wash off the previous container label and apply new.

  • Personal care products such as soaps, body wash and any other dry formulations.

  • Soluble pattern paper for quilting and other sewing projects.

  • Single-use saturated soap or colorant sheets.

  • Dissolvable seed strips or packets for germination.

  • Secure, dissolvable documents for government organizations and institutions.

  • Novelty dissolving paper for toys, games, schools, churches, magicians and other marketing ventures.

  • Tearable packets or dissolving packaging for granulated products and soap-making.

  • New product innovations being brought to the market which emphasize sustainability and functionality.



SmartSolve’s water-soluble paper is 100% biodegradable and dispersible in water, exceeding the marine standards for biodegradability. Because our materials are a non-toxic, environmentally sustainable alternative to traditional paper, businesses use dissolvable paper as an easy and efficient way to meet their sustainability goals.


The wide variety of uses for water-soluble paper is what makes this product one of SmartSolve’s most popular materials. Our dissolving paper is functionally printable with any type of ink, using any type of printer, including press, flexographic, inkjet and laser printers. However, just because you functionally can print with any ink on SmartSolve paper, doesn’t mean you should. You will want to assess if the inks you’re using match your desire for sustainability. For example, it’s not ideal to print with oil-based inks, since oil does not dissolve in water. Because this versatile material is eco-friendly, making the switch to water-soluble paper for projects and campaigns can also boost consumer confidence and attract new customers who support sustainable brands.


With the ability for customization and environmental benefits, it’s easy to see why SmartSolve’s dissolvable paper has become so popular. Our dispersible paper comes in a variety of sheet sizes and weights. Plus, we offer a wide range of water-soluble printing, adhesive and packaging materials to meet your organization’s needs.

If you’re looking for sustainable, water-soluble paper or labeling solutions, get in touch with our team today and learn how our products can work for your business.


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