SmartSolve has engineered industry-best technology for its water soluble labels. Our trade-secret formulation represents a breakthrough in shelf-life and tack for water soluble adhesives. Record-breaking adoption of SmartSolve labels is only possible with the superior performance of this game-changing adhesive.


SmartSolve heat-sealable adhesives enabled SmartSolve to launch its award-winning pouching solution. The formulations used by SmartSolve have the versatility to be used in different coating platforms.


Topcoat adhesives are an area of new development for SmartSolve adhesives. Due to the increased market demands to increase barrier properties on SmartSolve paper, SmartSolve has invested heavily into R&D with the aim of developing a versatile line of adhesives for barrier coatings.



SmartSolve uses the OECD 301B standard to ascertain the biodegradability of its materials and adhesives. Those samples -- which biodegrade up to 60 percent by day 28 of testing -- achieve the highest standard of biodegradability, known as Ready Biodegradability. Materials and adhesives that achieve this classification are deemed to be Above the Line and are fit for disposal at landfill, compost, and recycling centers. While not all SmartSolve materials and adhesives achieve this designation, SmartSolve aims to manufacture materials that meet this standard.


SmartSolve materials feature many utilitarian benefits such as personal safety, time savings, and single dose product portioning. These benefits allow for a safe, sustainable, and convenient experience.


SmartSolve materials have undergone significant independent laboratory testing and have received numerous green claims certifications, empowering customers achieve their sustainability goals in style.


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