Paper-based packaging is superior to its plastic counterparts, since it recycles more readily and proves to be both cost efficient and sustainable. Businesses all over the globe rely on paper-based packing to protect, preserve, and transport their products. Within the realm of paper-based packaging is a special variety of packaging that biodegrades when exposed to water. The water soluble paper packaging market is an emerging industry and stands to become more popular in the coming years as businesses take steps to reduce their environmental impact and promote sustainability. Because of this, industry forecasters name SmartSolve as a leader in the water soluble paper packaging market.

Water soluble paper packing was born out several needs – commitment to sustainability, but also the need to make purge systems more efficient in specialized applications like welding. Using traditional methods, purging is extremely inconvenient because the system must be separate from the weld zones. Water soluble options, by contrast, can be in the same place as the weld zone, promoting efficiency. Today, several other sectors of the market leverage water soluble paper packaging, such as agrochemicals, detergent, and water treatment chemicals.

The Water Soluble Market

Demand spurs innovation, and the same holds true for water soluble packaging. Directly related to the uptick in water soluble packaging is the increase in demand for steel, which has led to innovative and unique uses of the metal. Increased demand for steel directly led to an increase in demand for water soluble paper for its use in welding applications. Comprised of a mixture of sodium carboxyl methyl cellulose and wooden pulp, water soluble paper products promotes the integrity of the weld and is a preferred choice in welding applications.

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Water soluble packing has several other notable benefits that contribute to its popularity: it doesn’t leave any residue behind, and it comes in many sizes and grades. It is environmentally-friendly, easy to store, and is non-toxic. It is an ideal choice for heavily regulated industries like agrochemicals, an industry that is predicted to encourage the growth of water soluble packaging in the near future.

In addition, an interest in eco-friendly packaging of detergent also contributes to the increasing market popularity in water soluble packaging. Water soluble paper has promising applications in the packaging of detergent and other cleaning aids, and they can be added directly to the water, dispersing when exposed to water. Product packaging applications include sachets, envelopes, bags, and pouches. It can be printed with colors, text, and graphics.

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