Have you ever been traveling or camping and found it difficult to pack soap and shampoo? Or been in a public restroom and found that the soap dispensers were empty? If your answer to either of these questions is ‘yes’, a somewhat off-the-radar product may be able to wipe your travel woes clean: dissolving paper products allow you to make your own travel-size, single-use soap that will dissolve in seconds and can be easily transported. All you need to do is add a little water!

SmartSolve Industries, producers of a unique line of environmentally friendly, water soluble, paper-based materials, offers a paper face stock that works great for this “paper soap”.


The paper used for the soap is earth friendly. By dissolving the paper in water, waste and paper recycling energy usage are both reduced. Even if it is thrown away, the material is biodegradable, compostable, and flushable. Also, SmartSolve’s paper face stock are FSC certified. This means that SmartSolve only sources these products from responsibly managed forests that meet a strict set of principles dedicated to preserving natural forests. Lastly, 36 green screen tests have proven that the product contains no chemicals toxic to human or environmental health. All of this means that this DIY project is totally safe, sustainable, and fun!


To start your paper soap, you’ll need a few sheets of 3-point face stock paper. You’ll also need a ruler (optional), a few foam paint brushes, a tray, your choice of liquid soaps, small storage containers, and a way to hang the paper to dry. Some string, tape, and binder clips can be used, but coat hangers and clothespins will also work. For storage, old mint containers work great! It’s also important to be gentle with the material.

Next, lay a sheet of paper flat onto your surface and lay the ruler on the left side of the paper and draw a line to mark off a strip you will not coat with soap. This will help you handle and hang the paper later on. You can also eyeball this without a ruler if you are confident!

Pour a line of soap a couple inches off from the right edge of the sheet. Dip a dry brush into your soap and remove the excess. Start from the line that was marked off and slowly drag the brush to the right edge of the paper, making sure no excess gets built up on the edges.

Repeat this process until the entire sheet is covered, and then flip it over and repeat. To do this, carefully pick up the paper from the strip you left uncoated with two hands. It will probably feel like you are peeling it off like a label. Do this slowly! Gently lay it down on its other side and continue your coating. Once you are done, pick it up the same way and hang it to dry. Once they are dry, cut the sheets into smaller pieces to fit inside the container you have chosen.

You are all done! This process can be repeated for hand soap, shampoo, body wash, or dish soap. Traveling just got so much easier. Thanks so much for reading, and happy crafting!

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