By now, the world is more than aware of the ongoing Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. At the time of this publication, the virus has surfaced in the majority of the world’s countries and produced nearly 200,000 global cases and counting (for a running total and map, the World Health Organization – or WHO – is a great source). As a result, the majority of the planet is focused on one question – how do we curb the spread of COVID-19?

Hand Washing Is Essential

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and other trusted healthcare authorities, until large-scale measures to combat COVID-19 are developed, one of the best ways to keep you and your family safe is to practice proper hand hygiene. In fact, in a report in Medical News Today, researches estimated that just a 40% increase in proper hand washing and sanitizing measures by those who don’t already wash carefully could cut the spread of disease by 70%.

For the most part, people are listening – perhaps almost too well. In recent days, a combination of panic buying by concerned individuals and stockpiling by price gougers has resulted in a nationwide shortage of hand sanitizer. Some retailers have been forced to ration purchases while others are completely out of stock for the foreseeable future, leaving many without a way to clean their hands while on the go.

Try Our DIY Paper Soap

While some individuals have elected to stay at home until the crisis resolves, many still need to travel to work, medical appointments, the grocery store, and other essential locations. If you need access to on-the-go handwashing, try our simple paper soap DIY using SmartSolve water soluble paper:


  • 3-point face stock water soluble paper (available for delivery from SmartSolve or via Amazon)

  • Ruler (optional)

  • Foam paint brushes

  • Baking sheet

  • Antibacterial liquid soap

  • Small storage container

  • Tape, string, or clips to hang paper to dry


  1. Use the ruler to delineate a strip of the paper you will not coat with soap; you’ll use this surface to hang your paper to dry. 

  2. Pour liquid soap of your choice into a line on the tray. 

  3. Dip a dry foam brush into the soap, and coat your water soluble paper thoroughly, stopping at the line you made in step 1. 

  4. Flip carefully. Repeat on the opposite side. 

  5. When paper is thoroughly coated, hang to dry; setting up a miniature clothesline with string and binder clips works well. 

  6. When dry, cut paper into 1”x2” rectangles. 

  7. Store in small containers for use on the go. 

To use your paper soap, simply remove a paper soap square from your container, wet your hands, and agitate the soap square. The paper will dissolve, leaving you with one portion of soap to safely and effectively clean your hands.

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For more information about where to purchase water soluble paper as well as other DIY tricks and uses for our products, contact SmartSolve today. In addition, please take the time to review our recent statement about COVID-19 and its effects.


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