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The pouching phenomenon is upon us.  

Earlier this year, Freedonia published a study that extolled the virtues of pouches and their future as a mainstay in the flexible packaging industry. Beverage Industry reported that, according to the study, the demand for pouches will grow to over $10 billion by 2020. The overview of the study touches on the portability and sustainability as the primary advantages of the packaging medium.

More specifically, single-use pouches are seeing an increase in popularity—especially with the ever-environmentally-minded millennial set. Generally made from dissolvable PVA, single-use pouches are utilized predominantly in dishwasher and laundry applications and leave behind no environmentally harmful material.

Water soluble single-use pouches are useful in a number of ways. One such example lies in medical or industrial situations where human contact with a specific substance is unnecessary or harmful. The pouches are ideal in that they keep the contents—and user—safe until use. When the contents are needed, the entire pouch can be applied without opening, so as to reduce possible human contact. Moreover, pouches can be supplied in a variety of configurations to accommodate the customer’s unique needs.

In the midst of the surging popularity of this packaging, however, a different dissolvable pouching material has emerged. 

Made with a proprietary water soluble paper and perfect for dry applications, SmartSolve Water Soluble Pouches dissolve easily and completely, in any water temperature, after 30 seconds. And while complete dissolution is an attractive feature, it is not the only environmentally friendly aspect of the paper pouches:

  • The ingredients have individually passed screens for restricted substances and other substances of high concern for human and/or environmental health against numerous (36) lists derived from national and international authoritative bodies (TPCH and CPSIA 2008, OSHA, NIOSH, EU Reach, California Prop 65, IARC, and NTP among others.)

  • The materials used have been approved as inert for both food and non-food use.

  • The pouch ingredients have been screened for restricted substances and are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the FDA.

  • The water-soluble paper employed by SmartSolve uses less petroleum than a traditional PVA pouch.

Competitively priced with PVA pouches, SmartSolve’s Water Soluble Pouches bring a set of advantages to the table that are difficult to ignore. Paper, unlike PVA, is printable. This allows for increased brand visibility, and, as a byproduct, could also alleviate the concern of children mistaking chemicals for candy—an issue which has garnered recent attention due to transparent PVA packaging that reveals colorful chemicals inside. Additionally, with regard to long term storage, water-soluble paper is the more reliable choice for two reasons: first, PVA pouches can stick to each other in certain conditions, whereas paper pouches will not. The second reason: PVA, over time, loses its ability to dissolve while paper retains this quality.

SmartSolve Water Soluble Pouches go beyond recycling. How do you see this evolving technology working for you? Contact us for more information!


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