The average American woman will use between 5-15 thousand tampons and pads throughout her lifetime—most of which will end up in landfills. Considering the fact that plastic can take up to 1,000 years to decompose in a landfill, the amount of menstrual waste generated every year has become a cause for concern.

Daye, a female health research and development company based in the UK, is hoping to change that.


Founded in 2017 by CEO Valentina Milanova, Daye focuses on creating sustainable products and services that bridge the gender gap via science and innovation. Their flagship product is the world’s first—and only—pain-relieving tampon.

Sanitized for safety and coated with CBD, Daye’s tampons not only help relieve the burden of period pain (which 80% of women experience), but also are good for the environment.

All of their tampons are 100% free of dioxin, plastic, rayon, chlorine bleach, phthalates and fragrances and are made of 100% organic cotton that’s both biodegradable and compostable. And what’s more, their sustainable packaging reduces the burden of menstrual waste—thanks to SmartSolve Industries.


When developing their first tampon product, Milanova and her team wanted to find a packaging option that was better for the planet. They started by working with a company that produced compostable wrappers.

While the wrappers were sustainable, they soon ran into a major problem. 

“We found out that most of our customers wouldn’t be able to compost the wrappers at home because it’s not what real customer behavior is like,” Milanova explained. “Most people would throw their wrappers in the trash.”

As a result, Milanova and her team decided to change tactics and find another packaging option that wouldn’t require so drastic a change in how most consumers dispose of their tampon wrappers.

Enter SmartSolve.


Milanova explained that she and her colleagues were impressed by the investment that had gone into developing their water soluble material, as well as SmartSolve’s ability to answer the extensive questions they had.

“We moved to the SmartSolve wrapper because it fits more neatly with customer behavior,” Milanova said. “The water-soluble option is so great. Since people aren’t recycling or composting their wrappers, we found another natural way to dispose of them with SmartSolve.”

Daye is leveraging the SmartSolve 3x15 Heat Seal material for the tampon wrapper. The wrapper disperses when it comes into contact with water, allowing it to be easily flushed. Also, it has been classified as readily biodegradable—the highest level of biodegradation—per the OECD-301B test method, which means that it will quickly break down when submerged in an environment like a sewage system. Finally, the material has also proven ideal from a branding perspective since Daye can print their logo on it.

“The feedback has been incredibly positive: Everyone was really excited to have a flushable wrapper,” she continued. “In fact, one of our best-performing pieces of content has to deal with the water soluble wrapper our tampon uses.” The video above has been viewed over 6,700 times.


Since launching their original CBD tampons, Daye has continued to expand and refine their product offerings.

You can now buy CBD-free tampons called Naked tampons, which are the most absorbent organic tampons in the market. Plus, their vegan-friendly, allergen-free ProViotics help with vaginal health by offering protection from infections. CBD is no longer just limited to tampons, either—Daye also sells CDB Balm, which can help with pain relief.

More products are in the works.

“We’re currently working on developing menstrual hygiene pads and would like to wrap them in the SmartSolve water soluble wrapper as well,” Milanova said.


This is just one of many applications for SmartSolve’s water soluble materials. To try out one of our products for yourself, request a sample today.


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